Social Entrepreneurship: making a social impact through sports in disadvantaged areas

They all grew up in lower-income neighborhoods, even slums. Difficult environments with few, if any, examples of success. Precariousness, violence and addictions, their entourage is far from inspiring. The sixty young people overseen by the NGO Tibu have often, despite their young age, see life as an already lost fight, because everything was dragging them down.

After only 3 months of training in Tibu’s Intilaka program, they completely changed their vision of the world. This program, was in fact an unexpected outcome. It’s free and allows them to qualify to live from their passion, which was for them a real revelation.

Now, it is with confidence, hope and serenity that they see their future, thanks to Tibu’s outstretched hand. In turn, they aspire to perpetuate the chain of solidarity, by offering other young people, who have not had an easy life, the possibility of getting out of it. This is, moreover, the pact they signed with the NGO.

Everyone wants to join Mohamed Amine Zariat, the rising star of associations and sports circles. Large groups, ministries, embassies, NGOs … The young founder of Tibu (29), a former professional basketball player, has won the confidence of decision-makers.

Mohamed Amine Zariat, TIBU President

Everyone adhered to his dream: to make sport a vehicle for education and personal development. Thanks to its partnerships, Amine was able to set up the first basketball academy and the first handibasket school in Morocco. He also opened 18 basketball centers in public schools in 14 cities (more are planned). These centers, also for coaching and learning free soft skills, benefit nearly 3,000 young people.

For the past ten years, Mohamed Amine Zariat has spent countless hours. Networking, training and coaching, trips to discover new models in other countries … The young social entrepreneur first invested in him. Because to make others grow, you must first develop your own potential.

Mohamed A. Zariat also said: “Sport must be a foundation in the development model of African countries”. He also insists on the benefits of sports such as the link between cultures, educating the youth, unleashing the potential of disabled people, and to unite people in an economical and social way.

What sparked your initiative to start Tibu?

“ At the start, we were a bunch of students passionate about Basketball and who had the dream and the will to make Basketball popular among children. When I was student, I was the Basketball coach of the university team… and during this period, we won all the national tournaments…after 2 years, my players and I decided to innovate and create our own tournament. To make ourselves famous, we organised successfully the 1st International Basketball Tournament involving a many universities from Africa and Europe. Directly, after the success of this event, TIBU was created as non-profit association and we called it “TIBU Morocco”.
TIBU wants to develop Basketball in Morocco and also create Professional Basketball players and leaders who can be models for the young generation.”

What do you think sports can help achieve in Africa? 

“[I think it] will affect Africa dramatically… how? By raising Africa’s Basketball level to the Top. Which will change the face of this discipline forever positively of course. But, the most important thing here apart from creating professional players, is having people with a positive impact on their societies.”

Where do you get your funding from? 

We have 3 types of Fundings :

  • Number one is : Our major partners are MDJS / US EMBASSY / ESIG / The Wilaya of Casablanca
  • Second is : Money coming from registrations in TIBU Basketball Academy
  • Three : we have like some minor sponsors which one day will be major ones.

Now, we are working on how to manage our finances effectively and efficiently.

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