Start-Up: Movandi

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 10.41.22 PM.png

Unforeseen events like the COVID-19 virus present new problems to the world, which require new solutions.  I would never think my college shutting down due to a virus from China, forcing students to take online classes for the second half of the year.  Accessibility to a strong, 5G wireless network is almost a requirement in today’s age because everything is moving online (if we like it or not).  Movandi is a high powered 5G  wireless network.  It has capabilities and different approaches such as RF Front-End, Antennas, and Algorithms and Systems software.  Another positive I found was Movandi has the ability to bend around big physical objects such as a building or natural landmarks.  Other 5G networks are unable to do that.  The Rofougaran siblings are the founder and they have a solid background in wireless systems, technologies and electrical engineering.  It is no surprise they have multiple accounts of recognition being a top start-up already having $30 million in funding.  Researching Movandi has displayed a lot of qualities successful start-ups should have.  They are becoming the best in their wireless, 5G field (compared to competitors) and they are thinking about the future.  This product has its limits and the Rofougaran siblings have developed an exit strategy for their product.  An exit strategy is important for a start-up or a company because the founder/s would hate to ruin something they worked too hard on out of ignorance.  Still, this is a very good start-up and product which will help a lot of people now and in the near future.



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