Cool Pricing Model: Homework Answers

A new cutting-edge product to enhance student’s learning and schoolwork called Homework Answers. Homework Answers is based in Santa Monica, California, providing on demand education help  by instantly connecting students with tutors and coaches. Through the Homework Answers web application, students can take a picture of homework and get live, real time help on the spot. The pricing model is particularly fascinating with Homework Answers. Instead of demanding a subscription instantly, Homework Answers offers a free number of questions to user to sample their product. When the free questions run out, more can be purchased. This pricing model is innovative as it allows users to test the product for free, and decide if it is useful. All in all, Homework Answers is particularly fascinating and cutting-edge as it allows real time homework help step-by-step and lets users sample the product before purchasing. This sample pricing model seems very effective for businesses to gravitate consumers to the company. 

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