Cleancut is a New York based e-commerce startup that is solely focused on making the world a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place. They are determined to achieve this through the correction of the cleaning industry. More specifically, they note that “green” cleaning products are heavy in plastic packaging and contain a fair amount of toxic ingredients. Customers can purchase all-purpose cleaner, dishwasher + laundry machine tablets, and other household cleaning items like liquid hand soap. Aside from utilizing only hyper natural ingredients in their products, they also package all of their zero-waste materials. These intentions allow them to remain carbon neutral. Why does the company matter? The founders of the company believe their sole importance of the company is to help reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. They understand that the overwhelming amount of CO2 in the atmosphere affects every individual the same amount and they feel like if the can fix the issues within the cleaning industry, they can help aid the solution. I find this company to be particularly fascinating in that they directly call out the issues within capitalist based companies. More specifically, rather than barely meeting the requirements to call your company and product “green”, they aim to redefine the standards and correct the issues with packaging and cleaning supplies. 

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