NiK Kacy, Gender Equal Footwear

Nik Kacy introduces gender neutral shoes to the fashion world, providing a solution for individuals looking to purchase men’s styled shoes for every shoe size. The founder, Nik Kacy, identifies as gender fluid, queer, and transmasculine. Kacy has created both “masculine of center” and “feminine of center” shows in order to fit anyone who identifies with any identity or style. For example, the feminine of center collection features high heeled style shoes ranging from European style sizes 34 to 47, or a US women’s 3.5 to men’s 14. The company has been featured in publications like Forbes Magazine, Fortune, Autostraddle, and DapperQ, and is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise. Beyond footwear and accessories, NiK Kacy also works to donate shoes from each of the collections to the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Youth Center Community Closet so that LGBT youth can have access to professional shoes for instances like job interviews or graduations. 

NiK Kacy shoes and products are about style, and, as Kacy puts it, “style is not limited by gender or gender expression.”

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