Pocketalk is a two-way pocket sized translation device that functions through the utilization of translation engines. The Pocketalk can translate conversations efficiently in 74 various languages, including specific dialects within those languages. This device also incorporated noise cancelling microphones that enable the users to hold a conversation in loud environments. I find it amazing that a device of this nature only costs $300. I first stumbled upon Pocketalk while I was reading an article reading the influx of tourists that Japan is expected to undergo during the Olympics this summer. The article discussed how the Pocketalk is essential for local businesses to have in Japan so they can converse with the foreigners in order to make sales. I believe that this product is helpful in that it aids dialogues between individuals of different language backgrounds. However, this device encourages the typical behavior of Americans to not pursue language learning. Individuals will go through public school’s foreign language curriculum, take Spanish or French for 6 years, and graduate not being able to speak coherent sentences. The creation of this device enables people to not take language learning seriously in that the Pocketalk is their safeguard if speaking doesn’t go well initially. Despite my personal issues with what the device could encourage, I still find it to be extremely helpful to local business owners during tourist seasons.

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