Logic and Chris Zarou:NPR

In 2010, rapper Logic, born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, released his first official hiphop mixtape, titled, “Young, Broke & Infamous”. Mixtapes are a staple in the hiphop community for being free. At 20 years old, Logic was broke and sleeping on a friend’s couch. His friend Lennie gave him a year to stay on the couch to make it in music, and he poured himself into it during this time. Logic’s career may have been unsuccessful if it wasn’t for Chris Zarou, a college athlete turned into manager post graduation. Chris had no more experience in the music business than Logic did, but the two worked together, continuing to use free music and the power of social media to build up reputation and fanbase. In 2012, Logic was able to sign with Def Jam Records and in 2014 released his debut album “Under Pressure”, which landed at #4 on the Billboard Charts. His third album in 2017 went platinum and his career has continued to grow from there. I think the important part of being an entrepreneur here is providing free, quality content, being consistent, and building a fanbase to acquire social proof.

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