Learning Latin, vacation and study support – winners at startup weekend

Startup Weekend 2019 

By all accounts the second annual Startup Weekend hosted by the Oberlin Entrepreneurship Club and supported by the Center for Innovation and Impact was a huge success!  Twenty Five students and twelve mentors (faculty and professionals) tow guest speakers and three judges participated in this year’s program.  Five teams worked full time from Friday night at 6pm until the final pitch awards ceremony Sunday at 9pm.  Learn who won and more HERE

The First Place team comprised of: Christopher Chen, Saco Gong, Kevin Lyu, Xiwei Guo, Jinhan Wu developed a multi-player game that helps you learn Latin called, “Learn Latin to Survive”.  Several members of this team are taking the idea into LaunchU over winter term.  On November all the teammates will be joining President Ambar for a private dinner.  

The second place team included Julia Pindaro, Eduardo Sienra Lempeke, Greer Hobbs and Timothy David Stoneman. Their idea, tur, is an app that helps you find people to go on vacation with.

Third place was for an app that helps you find study partners, taking into account the course, your free time and the way you like to study. The third place team included Scarlett Costello, Ashley Xu and Christina Wu.

Congratulations to all our participants!

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