3 Great MVPs

MVP stands for minimum viable products, and are used as an attempt to learn more about the market, and if the product will go on to do well. Development That Pays is a channel on YouTube that discussed their three favorite MVP companies in the video “3 Awesome Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).” Their first favorite company was Zappos, which is an online store for shoes. The founder tested if people would actually use it by taking pictures of the shoes, putting on a simple website, and then people could go over to the store and buy the shoes. This MVP was very simple, viable, and showed them that their product was meeting their intended need and had the potential to do well. The second favorite was Dropbox, which is a file synchronization service. Early on, the CEO made a video demonstrating it filled with tech jokes designed for their target audience. It worked really well and drove tons of people onto the beta waitlist. The third favorite was Buffer, which was a company that worked to make it easy to share content on social media. They put out images explaining their product and the prices on their website to gauge interest, and it gave them the information necessary to have more confidence in their product and continue with development.

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