Onshift, founded in 2008, is a human capital management software and helps to solve daily workforce challenges in senior care. According to its website, “It is designed to help providers staff consistently with an exceptional and engaged workforce.”

Its products include text-based recruiting, employee scheduling and engagement, and workforce analysis. Text-based recruiting enables people to save time-to-hire and increase accounts of new hires. The strengths of this software are easy-to-use, industry support, employee-centric, and valuable data delivering. It is also easy for organizations to schedule employees, contributing to decrease unnecessary overtime. For employers, with Onshift, they are allowed to replace shifts in an instant while notifying other staffs.

Onshift serves long-term and post-acute care providers and supports the senior care industry. It builds a close relationship with a great number of senior care organizations to help them do labor management as well as increasing employee engagement.

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