Ion Flight in Oberlin, Ohio!

By Brendan Fontanez

Our town of Oberlin, Ohio is home to an engineer developing a cutting edge technology: ion-powered flight.  His name is Ethan Krauss, and over the course of many years he has built a series of small aircraft that can achieve independent flight without the use of any moving parts.  It is the first such device ever to do so under its own power, and without the use of any external launching aid. While there are other groups making progress in the field of ion-propulsion, Krauss believes his design, the “Self Contained Ion Powered Aircraft,” is enormously more efficient than the others.  It is much quieter than traditional four-bladed drones (in fact, it is nearly silent), and produces no emissions.

With further development, this technology has the potential to revolutionize air travel.  It is very exciting to have such pioneering work being conducted right here in Oberlin!

A link to a demonstration video is provided here:


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