Founded in 2002, BioEnterprise is a leader in growing bioscience companies. It helps bioscience innovators grow companies. Its website writes: “We partner with people who have a passion for improving health and wellbeing. They are scientists, entrepreneurs, company founders with creativity and drive woven into their very DNA.” Based in Cleveland, BioEnterprise is taking advantage of the resourceful businesses and clinical institutions, as well as the biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship there. The undertaking of BioEnterprise is of positive repercussions.

I am motivated by how BioEnterprise support healthcare field with efficient business approaches. This enterprise also reminds me of my experience in Green EDGE Fund (GEF), a student organization that gives grant and loan to support green projects in Oberlin. Working with people of great passion and initiative to improve sustainability in the Oberlin Community, I engage and support green projects at Oberlin. At BioEnterprise, people provide support to companies devoting into improving public health and wellbeing. Contacting with scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and company founders, workers at BioEnterprise is doing challenging but rewarding works.

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