WISR — Bridge connects students, alumni, staff and falculty

“Wisr(pronounced “wiser”) is a mobile-friendly platform designed specifically to help students find and talk with alumni who are eager to share their advice and expertise. ” This is the introduction of wisr on the school website of Oberlin College. And before seeing that, I have already heard about the website from my friend and staff in career development department. My friend was planning to contact alumni by wisr and the staff strongly recommended me to get advice from it.

Wisr was founded by Kate Volzer, John Knific, and Kris Ciccarello in 2016 May to bridge the growing rift between college education and successful job placement. The company was based in Rocky River, Ohio, and added nearly 20 universities on its client list in 2018. Those client universities include Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Oberlin college, Stanford University and the University of Chicago.

As a first-generation college student, Kate understood the feeling of totally no clue to your future and hardship of networking with no help. So she got the idea of wisr, “an exo-layer across the entire student journey”. The Wisr team built a college network that connects all of an institution’s stakeholders to put each student at the center of a personalized web of mentors, academic advisors, and job opportunities. It will also record the current interests of you and you can also search with different tags. Whatever you are a freshman hope to have a four-year study plan, or you want to prepare for the graduate school, or you want to learn about job information, you can always find corresponds type of people who are ready and willing to help.

Wisr also offers an online platform that convenient both sides through automated matching, scheduling, and follow up communications. The inner conversation tool also faster the communication process.

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