Blank Slate Elyria – Supporting Artists in Lorain County

Blank Slate is a community run space that hosts film screenings, art shows, and live music events.  They pride themselves on promoting original music by under-represented creators, and being a substance free space. They fill a perfect void that a lot of people gravitate towards; it’s kind of like what a house-show venue would look like if they were more legitimate and cared more about their performers.  Not to bash any house-show venues, but everybody I know who has been involved with Blank Slate has left loving the coordinators, the goals of the space and it’s policies, and the space itself. This place is so important to so many artists in the Lorain County area and more Oberlin students in particular should go to their events because you will fall in love!  While they do currently sell tapes/cd’s/vinyl, they are currently working to make the shift to become a coffee shop to provide more for their visitors, so the space can become more self-sustainable and be able to grow even more. You can donate / read more about this here:

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