Mesh++ – WiFi Everywhere

Mesh++ is a tech startup business based in Chicago, Illinois who are here to change the game. Gaining WiFi connection anywhere we go is always a tough issue. Our whole society is now connected on the internet and having internet connection is the most important thing to have. It is not as easy as it sounds though because WiFi is not everywhere we go because it is always tough to judge how good your connection will be in certain locations. That’s why Mesh++ is here, bringing a brand new product that will bring you WiFi anywhere you go. Using solar energy technology, this product brings nearly instantaneous internet. Each battery-powered node takes about 2 minutes to strap to a pole and turn on via Bluetooth. No messing with wires or waiting for power. This revolutionary new product is on the way as Mesh++ is taking pre-orders for the product right now. This product not only can provide internet for those who are in dead zones, but for those who can not afford internet all the time. Check out their website here:

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