IDAGIO is a streaming service for classical music. Although streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music already dominate the market, IDAGIO has identified that classical music listeners are disappointed by the way current platforms handle the organization of classical music. The Berlin-based company has recently expanded its availability to everywhere besides China and Japan thanks to a recent funding round from current investors.

This service is very exciting for classical music listeners, as they may no longer have to deal with unclear organization. All of the information is not always easy to find, and the way classical music is titled often creates problems for the programs. Often, the “Artist” category in other streaming services gets confused by the difference between the composer, performers, soloists, and conductors, among other problems.

Although this is a great idea, its price of $9.99/month may disaffect potential customers, especially students. However, the service seems to be doing well, having gained a quarter million subscribers in 2018 alone.

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