A Successful Mindset – Kerensa Loadholt

By paying attention to what is successful, failures quickly turn into learning experiences. Gary Vaynerchuk made this very clear in his 2018 talk entitled “The Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs”. Just because you have an ability doesn’t mean that talent will come out of it; just because you can tell a joke to your friends doesn’t mean you can become a comedian. You need a stage presence, confidence, etc.  Entitlement, privilege, and selfishness are often confused with merit and confidence. No one owes you anything because something went wrong, it is your project and your money and your people, how is none of the blame on you?

During his talk, he says; “I think I’m the greatest of all time…but I equally know if I disappear tomorrow, cool I’ll have a good social media day and then everybody would move on.” No one cares about your problems, they only want to hear what you are going to do to solve them.

However, Vaynerchuk describes optimism as a strategy for being successful. He wasn’t ranked very high in his high school class, had very little friends, and barely saw the mechanics of basic club operations. But by paying attention to what the business owners in his communities were doing, and putting work into the things he knew would earn him money or eventually get him to where he needed to go.

The failures were steps as important as the successes. VaynerMedia, Vaynerchuk’s company, now has five locations, servicing Fortune 500 clients. In the comments of his youtube video, Paul Argueta says “The grind always pays off. Maybe not immediately, but it does for the ones who don’t give up fire.png.” Compassion and empathy are extremely important in order to get to know a customer; someone in the company needs to know their way around social settings. How you are servicing the community is how the company is going to make it a success; not everyone is a good person, but they know how to make use of these skills. There can be no neutrality either offense or defense. 

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