STEM in Color Oberlin Event

The STEM in Color event on February 23rd entailed several guest speakers to inform and educate the Oberlin community on the successes of those who participated in STEM. There were an array of guest speakers but one woman in particular who caught my attention was an Oberlin alumn, Kristy Woods. She majored in Biology at Oberlin as an undergraduate, graduated in 1977 and then went to Tulane School of Medicine. Kristy Woods talked about her experience as a student on campus and how the competitiveness of the school has contributed to her hardworking and persistent attitude in the workplace. It was interesting to hear about her career path especially as a woman in the medical field. Now, Kristy is the Associate Vice President for Research and Faculty at Howard University. Kristy was handling changes in her career path and two children, yet, she still managed her time to be as successful as she is now. In Kristy’s talk, she focused a lot on the variety of careers that are now available in STEM. When she was graduating from school, pursuing a career in medicine almost always led to becoming a physician. In the present day, she expressed that there are so many disparate careers one can pursue with a degree in STEM. This event was empowering and well-constructed, and the guest speakers did a great job in promoting the drive to pursue a career in STEM.

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