Ecosia – The Search Engine That Plants Trees

By Veronica Mahoney

While Ecosia may be a new name to people living in the golden age of Google, there are a lot of reasons why a switch to a new search engine could do good not only for users, but for the planet itself.

Ecosia is a non profit that uses revenue generated by ads to plant trees and fund a variety of restoration projects in places like Burkina Faso, Uganda, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. Over eighty percent of ad revenue is used to directly fund environmental projects, and one tree is planted for every forty five searches done on Ecosia. There’s even a tree counter on the top right corner of the website, so you can track how many trees your searches have funded.

Ecosia is open and honest about their practices, promises, and projects. They publish their monthly financial reports online and have an ongoing video series documenting their different projects (in addition to a plethora of articles about their ongoing journey). They are also dedicated to environmental sustainability in all aspects of their company. Ecosia runs on one hundred percent renewable energy, and their search partner Bing is even carbon neutral (Microsoft, and Bing, committed to making their operations carbon neutral in 2012).

It’s easy to set Ecosia as your default browser, and it has nearly all of the same features as Google. They also don’t sell user data to advertisers and have no third party trackers. Ecosia exemplifies the triple bottom line of social enterprise: people, planet, and profit. So why not try them today?

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