Historical Basketball League

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A startup basketball league to be founded in Cleveland says that they plan on competing with the NCAA. These athletes will be college students, as the NCAA, but the catch is that they are to be paid a salary of $50,000-150,000 a year plus a guaranteed scholarship at their respective colleges. The founders plans to start is that the first year the owners of different teams across the country would be required to pay a 3 million dollar fee which will primarily be used to pay the players and provide a good service for the fans. After the first year the founders, Ricky Volante and Andy Schwarz, don’t plan on the owners having to invest any more in their teams, because the league will have made enough to pay the players, coaches, and owners. I think this is a great startup because these college athletes will have the opportunity to go to school, have their school paid for, and also get paid a salary which is deserved because in the Division 1 NCAA the student athletes bring so much money in for the school and are rewarded with only a scholarship to the school. To read more about this startup: https://www.crainscleveland.com/sports-business/startup-basketball-league-based-cleveland-says-it-can-compete-ncaa

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