First-years have their pals; Junior and Senior have respective programs helping planning future careers. It seems that at Oberlin, Sophomore is ignored based on the lack of targeted program. However, they do have their particular interests and troubles, some of which overlap with programs in other years but some don’t. To solve this problem, ACI was born.

It is always harder at the beginning. After ACI was set up, my team members and I had quite a long period to struggle about our MVP. According to the data we collected, sophomores’ biggest concern is their future job and how it will relate to current majors. But instead of planning a regular program for students to find internships or information about jobs, we want to do something much more attractive and creative. We want to build a game. 

This game, called The Professionals, is a game where you can choose a potential career and see what you will go through to work in that field. There will be small classes, tests, labs with internships from different companies with different forms. Compared to the traditional way, our product can save a lot of time for students to experience classes for several semesters but find them useless for their careers. It also can help students intending to get an internship. In real life, you need a couple of months to go through one internship, but time is limited for students. In our product, the students can experience internships more intensively.

But to create a game is a lot harder than our team thought at the beginning. When we designed the business model, we found the fact that creating a game needed years and a great many investments. We have talked about this question with professors and judges to come up with a better solution. Also, we also need to consider people’s willingness for participation. That will require our game to be short but useful. If a round is too long, The Professionals will lose its advantages towards the traditional career programs. There also should be a lot of efforts put into making the game more realistic to serve better our ultimate goal: solving the problem of lacking experience about careers and majors.

I can conclude that our team has significant achievement during the six weeks. Though we are not going to build a real product, the knowledge and teamwork we learned from Entrepreneurship 100 will benefit us in the long run.

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