Business Profile: Good Eggs

In the San Francisco bay area, residents are lucky enough to be surrounded by stunning natural landscapes like the ocean, the desert, the mountains and the rolling green hills. And with such a diverse landscape like this comes a diverse palate of local foods to source and cook at home. However, while going from farm to farm is sustainable, it’s often far too much work for the customer and far too pricey. While the bay area has a great community of environmentally conscious vegetarians and vegans, many city folks still buy in bulk at the big grocery stores and get their social environmental incentives using their reusable bags. This company Good Eggs took a chance against the big grocery store model and decided to target channel distribution for their customers.

This company prides itself in sourcing extremely fresh meat and produce from the local farms in the region and packages them up for the customer in a deliverable box. Each week, the customer can have a weeks worth of fresh food delivered by car to your front door. And the best part is that all the food is on average 9 days fresher than what you’d buy at the grocery store. It really takes a lot of weight off the shoulders of the customer and keeps them in a weekly plan that affords them a routine they won’t want to give up. Good Eggs say on their website that they’re “no bullshit” and they really respect the opinions of their customers because they genuinely want their customers to learn more about their local food in the region, but also find out what they can improve on. They don’t have any memberships or subscriptions so you can pick up or drop the system at any time, meaning they put a lot of faith in their customer relationships. And it seems to be working, they have expanded their zipcode territory much further beyond the city limits. I think this company is really interesting because they took such a risk relying heavily on their customer to support them over the big grocery store. The customer doesn’t really know what the product will be like until they try it, so Good Egg really has to nail the first delivery. The only issue with this company is that it is really cateres to the wealthy community in the bay area that can afford to test out these fun and cool green initiatives so I wonder how they can mitigate their pricing to help halt the prevalent gentrification.

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