Bonner Design Thinking Workshop Success

As part of a new initiative, the Bonner Class of 2020 was involved in a Design Thinking workshop. The Bonner Program consists of 15 students in each class year. Each student does 140 hours of community service each semester, and 280 hours of service for two summers. The workshop was to help Bonners take a different approach to our service, and I was happy to see my cohort members learn most of the things I learned in my Intro to Entrepreneurship class.

We formed groups, and came up with ways to solve real problems faced by real people in the Oberlin community. My group had to work with the Oberlin Business Partnership to find ways to monetize and better sustain the annual poster making event in the City of Oberlin. We had to come up with strategies to help sell posters from previous years, and formulate a model that will make the program sustainable going forward.

We went through the rapid ideation process, and came up with an MVP. I missed the pitch day because I was out of town, but my team did a wonderful job pitching our ideas.

More than anything, I was very glad to see the ideas of social entrepreneurship, and design thinking introduced to the Bonner community.  As people with the heart to serve in the community, it helps very much that we also have different ways to think about the problems our community partners face, and work with them to find ways to solve those problems.


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