Starting Young


I think a lot of Americans tend to think of the United States as the entrepreneurship capital of the world. That’s the American dream right? To be able to start up your own business, and be involved in any career you so desire. Well, while it is certainly not the worst place in the world for a young entrepreneur, some other countries are stepping us up one.

I recently read an article that talked about Ghana’s plans to fuel entrepreneurship. The minister of Business development announced that the country announced to start teaching entrepreneurship in school from a young age. This change would hopefully help encourage the creation of small businesses and in turn help boost the local economy.

We have had the luxury of taking an Entrepreneurship class this semester, but most people our age probably have not had similar opportunities. Even for people who don’t intend to take the ‘traditional entrepreneurship’ route of small business startup, the skills you learn to be an entrepreneur  are applicable to almost any job out there. Especially teaching kids from a young age would set them up for success in their academic and post-academic careers. We should really start doing this!

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