Library Initiative Caters to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Often times it is easy to tell people to try their best. We fall into the classic tale of telling people “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” However, when institutions are continuously unaccessible for specific groups of people, motivation is sometimes not enough: some people don’t even have the “boots” in the first place.

I stumbled upon an article by The St.Louis American where they highlight a special effort led by the Urban Libraries Council. This organization made up of multiple North American libraries is focusing on helping entrepreneurs, specifically women and people of color. A reference manager in St.Louis County Library explained that the initiative connects aspiring entrepreneurs with free one-on-one guidance on learning about research, strategizing and various other things traditionally done for startups.

The article also includes what the other 11 libraries involved in this initiative are similarly doing for their communities. A few examples being the District of Colombia Public Library that focuses on connecting people returning from jail to start their own businesses, the Enoch Pratt Free Library and Baltimore Country Public library that focus on helping women-owned businesses with networking, and the Toronto Public Library that focuses on aiding women and refugees to develop their businesses.

Initiatives like this will definitely help many people who otherwise would not have access to any of these resources. Actively seeking out to help the community thrive is beneficial to everyone involved. Passing down the knowledge, connections, and networks to help others learn how to achieve their goals is something that should be done all the time in my opinion. Like I mentioned before, sometimes motivation, though being very important itself, is not always enough for people to begin their journey(s) into success. I commend this initiative and other things like it that share the wealth of knowledge, which can catapult many onto their achieved dreams.


Original article here !

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