The Great Escape

Entrepreneurs’ jobs are to connect the people to the things that they want. The things people want fluctuate and are may not even be apparent to such people until an entrepreneur creates a product. An example of these types of entrepreneurship exists in the relatively new (and increasingly expanding) business of escape rooms. There is always a market for entertainment although it is a rather competitive field to become involved in with relatively high stakes depending on what type of entertainment one tries to enter into. For example, starting a chain of amusement parks, which provide many thrill-seekers with amusement, is a risky investment/endeavor to pursue with the large competitors involved in the market (i.e. Six Flags, Disney, Cedar Point, etc.). To enter the entertainment business at this point in time, it has to be something new and different and that is what many people are considering the “Escape Rooms” to be.

The escape room is a low-cost and low-maintenance business move. Cheap office space, a warehouse, or even a residential property can easily be converted into a makeshift hijacked airplanes, derailed subway car or trapped submarine with little cost. This has caught the interest of many new entrepreneurs and has created a new addition to the adventure/entertainment business. The ability to quickly make revenue and to quickly expand due to low starting costs has caused for Escape Rooms to be an increasingly popular attraction.  An escape room can make about $125,000 a year if it sells out most weekends, according to David and Lisa Spira per The New York Times. This task is not very challenging due to the fact that one does not need to have many rooms to draw in multiple clients because this is a group activity that draws in people in all age groups.

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