Have Patience. It Might Take Longer to Have a Breakthrough Idea

office-pen-calculator-computation-163032.jpegThe image of the young entrepreneur is a lie.

That’s the takeaway from the article “Most successful entrepreneurs are older than you think” that was originally posted on the conversation.com. It challenges the idea that has been put in our mind that most entrepreneurs are young, but the article presents information that most of the entrepreneurship success stories come from people in the closer to their 40’s rather than their 20’s.

So why is this?

The article presents a few compelling arguments, but, personally, I think the most obvious one is the best explanation for this phenomenon: Older people simply have more experience. This can be experience in the field they are trying to revolutionize or enter as an entrepreneur. Or it could be experience in positions of leadership. Or it could be experience as an entrepreneur. Whatever the case may be, older entrepreneurs have experience that their younger counterparts (typically) can’t make up for.

This isn’t to say that if you are a young entrepreneur you won’t be successful. There have been plenty of young entrepreneurs that have gone on to become huge hits. This is what has contributed to our warped image of entrepreneurs. All of this is to say that if you are a young entrepreneur who is struggling, don’t give up. You’re in good company.

Link to the original article.: http://theconversation.com/most-successful-entrepreneurs-are-older-than-you-think-95402

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