Anything is Possible

Chen Zifang has a remarkable story to tell. Born with no arms in a rural area of Hubei Province, China, Chen has adapted to his challenges making incredible strives. Chen is a successful manager of his own farm and he maintains it all with his feet. Having no arms hasn’t stopped him from using his neighbor’s tools to perform tasks of chopping wood and collecting food for the animals. Chen teaches himself unique ways to manipulate each tool to his benefit. Chen has had moments of struggle when teaching himself to cut grass by accidentally cutting his feet, but that hasn’t stopped him from creating his own online shop that sells regional produce and successfully managing it. Zifang saw the internet as a tool that could create new possibilities for his business and help neighbors/peers with their own living. Chen is a very positive man “want[ing] to help [his] fellow villagers to sell their specialties so that more and more of them can get out of poverty” he sees this goal as being his life purpose. Entrepreneurship is a remarkable tool that helps change people’s lives from big cities to rural areas.

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