Reaching for Empowerment through Technology: Reach Capital

The demand for innovative tech and tech education is growing. Reach Capital is one venture capital firm meeting that demand. Reach Capital works to uplift makers of educational tools that can make a difference in children’s lives. The team at Reach Capital is diverse, and so far they have supported over 50 early-stage companies. Significant companies include Zeal, a site that connects underachieving students with math coaches to bring them up to speed, and Nepris, a tool that allows children to learn from STEM professionals anywhere in the world. Companies such as these will have an outsize impact on rural children who do not have the same access to good schools and professional role models as city kids. In an increasingly segregated school system, these companies also have the potential to help students at under-funded, predominantly Black schools succeed. Reach Capital sets a good example for venture capital firms: it shows that you can make a difference in people’s lives, and turn a good profit while doing so.

One comment

  1. I’m not familiar with REACH. Thank you for sharing this. They are a good example of an “Impact Investor”. These are a small but growing group of investors who are looking to invest in “social enterprises”. This is an important trend I hope will grow strong.


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