Salt Point Seaweed

Salt Point Seaweed took the brave first presentation spot in the Launch-U final pitches Saturday morning in March of 2018. Salt Point Seaweed is a women-owned and run business that brings sustainable Northern California sourced seaweed to the United States. Seaweed has become a very popular snack, but most of it is sourced from Asia. Not only are there health risks to consider from the radiation let loose from the hurricanes in Japan, but there are also environmental factors to consider from the additional transport required to bring that seaweed over to and distributed across the United States. As previously mentioned, given that this is Northern California based company, we can eliminate both the radiation risks, and the transportation step to get from Japan to the United States.

In addition to these more immediate health and environmental concerns, seaweed is both good for your body and the oceans. Seaweed is filled with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are all vital for a thriving body and mind. Seaweed also does good to the oceans by absorbing carbon dioxide, the very gas responsible for rising ocean water temperatures. In addition, seaweed helps alkalize the acidic environments our oceans are dying from.

On Salt Point Seaweed’s website, they have their seaweed products for sale, as well as tasty recipes to try using their products. You can also learn more about their story, and their commitment to this planet.

Salt Point Seaweed is local, women run, healthy for your body, and healthy for our oceans. Why wouldn’t you want to buy this mineral-rich tasty snack?

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