Play: CLE

Play: CLE is an indoor adventure park that takes up 25,000-square foot space, providing activities for both kids and adults to have fun all year around. The fun and challenging activities that are provided in Play: CLE includes Zipline, rock climbing, Parkour and rope climbing.

Play: CLE is interesting to me because it is a family inspired entrepreneurship. The founder Greg Carlin and his daughter were inspired during a ski trip and decided to start something that can provide fun and adventures year-round in Cleveland, where has an increasing demand for family activities and entertainments. The entrepreneurial journey reminds me of what we have learned in class.

  1. Identify/discover the problem by observing and paying details to daily lives. Greg and his daughter were inspired during the ski trip. They saw an opportunity and actually took it seriously.
  2. Having empathy with others. (Do others feel the same way as I do? ) In this case, Greg’s daughter serves an important role that she can reach out to her classmates and get a sense of the demand for family activities.
  3. Understand the market. Why did they choose to open the adventure park in Cleveland? Is there a growing population and a growing need for entertainment centers in Cleveland? The market for entertainment centers in Cleveland is probably not as developed as the one in New York City, which enables Play: CLE to be very competitive and likely to survive.

Play: CLE will be opened by this fall! I am very excited for this adventure park and I will definitely go check it out sometimes. Want to know more? Check out:

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