Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey grew up in poverty in Mississippi. She was born to a teenage single mother who worked as a housemaid. Decades later, she is the richest African-American with a net worth of almost $4 billion. How did she go from literally wearing potato sacks to being the first black female billionaire? First she worked for a black radio station after school in high school. She earned a full scholarship to Tennessee State, but left school to start her legendary career. Among her many other ‘firsts’, she became the first black female news anchor, and was fired seven months later. She was then hired as a host for a failing talkshow called “AM Chicago.” Her sheer talent and charisma turned the lowest rated talkshow in Chicago to the highest rated, according to Business Insider. Soon after, she created her own production company and her success on AM Chicago made the Oprah Winfrey Show the next logical conclusion. One of her most memorable moments on  she gave out a new car to every member of the audience, but she also opened important dialogue on drug abuse, cancer, AIDS, domestic abuse, and reignited a passion for reading in many Americans with her book club (and dictated exactly which books would end up as best sellers).

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