How Purpose & Sport is Making Sports More Meaningful

Sports are notorious for unifying people across the world.  The language of sport is one that people from all over can speak, regardless of their backgrounds or origins.  Understanding the large footprint that the world of sport has created, Neil Duffy found the company Purpose & Sport.  Purpose & Sport is a sports marketing and consulting company that works with teams, sponsors, athletes, and other athletic affiliates to implement greater levels of impact through daily practices.  Purpose & Sport works with each realm of sport in effort to achieve more purpose-full teams, leagues, events, and venues.

The company has developed a proprietary model that ensures its clients are establishing the most valuable brands in terms of profitability and social impact.   I am a huge proponent for this company, as they have proven that there is, in fact, a way to make sports more meaningful.  Purpose & Sport has already worked on Super Bowl 50, the 34th America’s Cup, and several international projects, and has truly reinvented the way sports can be perceived.

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