eFuneral: Funeral Planning of the Future

In 2010,  the unexpected passing of a cousin led Mike Belsito to the realization that there was a huge gap in the capabilities of the internet: it was extraordinarily difficult to compare funeral homes and services online. For those who are mourning, such a service could make the practical aspects of a death in the family much more manageable. Two years later, eFuneral.com was born. Founded by Belsito and Bryan Chaikin, eFuneral.com is “a comprehensive online resource for those thinking about end-of-life.” It includes a funeral home comparison tool (the first of its kind), which helps the recently bereaved sort through pricing information reviews of local funeral homes in order to select the best funeral home for their budget (source).

eFuneral.com was originally funded by the mentorship-driven investment program 10Xelerator, a startup accelerator ran on the principle of “10 Teams, 10 Weeks, $20,000 Each.” 10X gave this team the initial capital, mentorship, and skills required to get their website up and running. In 2013, Jumpstart (an organization that funds Ohio ventures) invested $250,000 in eFuneral. Today the site is up and running, simplifying the responsibilities of mourners everywhere.

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