Amazon’s Rise to Fame

Two decades ago, who would have ever envisioned Amazon, the online bookstore startup, to become the global leader of ecommerce and cloud computing today?  The company based out of Seattle, Washington has circumvented the traditional definition of a tech company and has ultimately created its own industry.  Recently acquiring powerhouses such as Whole Foods and Twitch, a live streaming platform for video game users, Amazon is poised to transform into one of the largest conglomerates in the world.  They have dabbled into plenty of industries and leave many individuals thinking “What’s next?”.  Well, for Amazon and Jeff Bezos, the mastermind founder and CEO of the company, innovation is something that they are used to and prepared for.  They have become one of the most valuable publicly traded companies, increasing its stock price exponentially since its time of initial public offering in the 1990s.  Amazon is here and is a company that is here to stay.  Stay tuned for more bright spots coming out of this company in the future, as they are just scratching the surface of potential ideas they will change the world with.  Drone delivery, transforming real estate, and cashier-free stores are just a few things that will be coming to market soon from Amazon.

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