Conflict and Resolution: Foundations of Team Work

PrintWorking on a team has always been quite easy and fun. When I use to play soccer in high school, my team was like a second family. Each of us gave everything we got on the field because we knew we had each other. In college, my activist student organization was also a positive experience of teamwork, where a common cause glued all to fully devote our time and energy for a greater cause. In life, unfortunately, not every group assignment will necessarily be positive. Disagreements and headaches are sometimes inevitable. From my experience these are some of my best practices when dealing with group tensions:

  1. A deep breath. Often emotions can run high, but keeping a cool and level headed is the best place to find a solution.
  2. Communication. Being able to talk with each other on the problems within the group and being honest with how others are making you feel is the first step to resolution.
  3. Recognizing your mistakes. Taking notice that perhaps you too have contributed to the problem can help build ground for self reflection.
  4. Trust and respect. Trusting in the word and actions of your teammates can flourish amazing results. The ability to maintain respect and confidence within one another is a growth of maturity with yourself and others.

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