Over the course of the semester, we talked a lot about networking on and off campus. Part of this conversation was rooted in our career goals as entrepreneurs, and a lot was directed towards student life as presented by those groups developing student-life apps as their final project. Coincidentally, I stumbled on a kind of student-life app that has been developed by the prominent liberal arts schools in this area while I was looking at other Cleveland start-up companies.

Developed in partnership with the Universtiy of Chicago, Case Western, Oberlin College, Denison, Kalamazoo College, Benedictine University, Cedarville University, and Notre Dame College–this electronic program, called wisr, connects alumni with current students that are interested in going into a specific field. But the program is not limited by major or career, it connects students and alums based on common interests and helps them to start productive conversations.

I was especially excited about this company because it can claim Oberlin as one of its clients. The wisr developers are not only an interesting start-up, but the app could also be very useful for the future entrepreneurial and other career goals of students. We talked a great deal in class about networking and the importance of talking to the right people. This program offers a great tool for Oberlin students to connect with professional alumni in any field they choose!

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