Give a Pitch Like Steve Jobs

The apple reveals are more than just a pitch. They are an event streamed and attended by many. They not only reveal some seriously cool tech, but also give us not-in-the-loop some glimpses into the current trends for that tech. An admin for has taken the liberty of dissecting and analyzing an iPhone pitch given by Steve Jobs so you can make your company’s pitch like Jobs. Here are the steps and result of the analysis:

  1. He makes you excited and piques your interest before the product is revealed.

Jobs achieves this by saying something like “I have been waiting for this day for 2.5 years”. The idea is to make your audience believe that you are going to reveal something incredibly amazing before you even tell them anything about the product.

2. He builds on the credibility of previous products.

Apple has created a slew of successful products, and reminding the audience of this gives his pitch more credibility. This may be hard for a start-up to put into practice, but will be useful for the later generations of your products.

3. He uses powerful and positive vocabulary in his pitch.

Jobs uses words like “smart” and “phenomenal” when talking about his product. It is extremely important when giving your pitch to use words with a positive connotation for the audience, and which are also current buzzwords within the market you are pitching to.

4. He focuses on why certain features are useful, instead of specifically on the features themselves.

Users do not want to get bogged down by technical specs they do not understand. It is much more effective to show an audience what they themselves are able to do with your product, instead of just telling them what features the product has.


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