CODE2040 is a nonprofit organization that is aggressively pursuing its goal of having African Americans and Latinxs proportionally represented in the leading edge of America’s innovative economy. These opportunities are included but not limited to occupations as technologists, investors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. The organization, founded in 2016, takes its name from the year which it is predicted that minorities will become the majority in the United States. In addition to placing promising African American and Latinx college­-level computer science students in internship programs at top tech companies, CODE2040 has also started a Residency Program. This residency program is designed to help African American and Latinx entrepreneurs build companies and cultivate diversity within their own communities. The one­-year residency provides participating founders with a $40,000 non­equity stipend, as well as additional support from CODE2040, Google for Entrepreneurs and founder, Laura Weidman Power’s, hometown tech hubs. Participants receive hub workspace for the resident and his/her team, along with mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs and investors in the CODE2040 and Google for Entrepreneurs networks.


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